Handbiking with Jörn Kreinberg

Visiting Jörn Kreinberg. Jörn Kreinberg- the editor of the Internet platform www.hanbikesport.de lend me his handbike and accompanied me on my first test ride.

[su_youtube url=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWfZQlWJ4DA“]

The transfer to and from the handbike needs a little practice, like any deep transfer, but you’ll quickly find your own technique. Although Jörn always said it was a very old bike, I really enjoyed the ride and being at a speed of 25km / h with only 2-3 strong pushes  . I‚m looking forward to the next test rides!


Even if you can’t use your legs to swim, try diving with fins. You will have a larger surface area and this can give you more stability in the water. I would recommend fins with a heel strap so you can be more flexible and work with different thick neoprene socks or even dive boots. I dive with a monofin- big advantage is that the legs are held together and the fin is staying in line with my upper body.

Monoflosse 2  DCIM100GOPRO