Kayak Born auf dem Darß

We drove over the Rügenbrücke- absolutely worth seeing-  to Stralsund and from there to Born auf dem Darß. Perfect to watch cranes in September/October. The Bodden offered wonderfully calm waters for paddling and a beautiful sunset. We see, we don’t have to travel far, the North has wonderful places to offer!

[su_youtube url=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oya9wH8i0Kk&list=UUIClx0piKvYAFWKqhFRWNtA“]

Born a Darss3I found a good place to get the kayak into the water at the Kitesurf & Canoeing Center Born. We could take the car right down to the shore and launch the kayak on a small sand strip to water.

 Born a Darss4

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