Diving at NaturaGart

Diving at the underwaterpark NaturaGart

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At the underwaterpark NaturaGart in Ibbenbüren you find sturgeons up to 2m in size and large catfish in a species-rich flora and varied diving landscape. It is suitable for divers of all levels, no matter if you want to try out diving for the first time, get back into diving after a time off, or if you want to try something special. In addition to the large and small fish swimming under and over you, you can dive into a small boat wreck, explore two cave of different experience levels, a 5m high portico that leads you to a sunken temple with a pharaoe statue and lined up sculptures and many more exciting underwater landscapes.

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The underwater park has a depth of 7 m- perfect to try wreck and cave diving under controlled circumstances. Before you start, you can take an underwater map with you for navigation . On your dive you will also find marked stones to show you the way and to explain where you are. If you feel the need to get up to the surface to reorient, or you might have to ascend as a beginner or after a long pause tryin to tare with your diving jacket, you can , of yourse, do so. The caves are designed in a way so that you can get out of it after each short diving sections.

The underwaterpark is open from april to november 1st.

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NaturaGart- actually builduing ponds for your home and garden landscape- is a  park with a beautiful pond and garden area and in addition to the world’s largest diving park on a foil seal built by the owner it also has Germany’s largest cold water aquarium with all domestic pond fish. The entire area is at ground level-you can enter the water over a metal staircase shown in the video. Behind the reception is a little Bistro and diving equipment for rent. There is a large changing room and a disabled toilet. You have to share it with a washing machine and drying wetsuits, but the room is big enough. Thumbs up, highly recommended for wheelchair users.

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