A trip to Rio- Statue of christ

Cristo Redentor

The absolute „must see“ in Rio de Janeiro is the statue of christ- the symbol of Rio, standing on mount Corcovado. The 30m high figure has spread her arms toward Rio and is considered the guardian of the city. The impressive figure stands on the second platform high above Rio and in it’s base is a small chapel.

20150903_170248  20150903_161435  Cristo Corcovado

The sky was a little hazy that day, so they actually discouraged us from visiting. We still went up and got the chance to see the statue in an unusual way. The weather had a beautiful effect so the statue and the city repeatedly stepped into and out of the fog. Watch my way up to the top of Rio:

[su_youtube url=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKOli9Sb82o“]

A small train with a little eamp takes you in 20min to the mount Corcovado. A fairly steep path leads you to the elevators up to the first platform. Here you can take a first glimpse at the back of the statue. An escalator takes you up to the very top. Cristo Redentor and a great panorama are awaiting you here. Further back is another viewpoint, unfortunately only accessible by stairs. However, the statue and the panorama is simply overwhelming.

IMG_0872 20150903_163729

The sanitary facilities are wheelchair accessible and are located on the lowest platform, immediately after arrival. Out of the train, up the ramp and just straight.

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